Oregon Statutes - Chapter 604 - Brands and Marks; Feedlots - Section 604.071 - Prohibitions.

A person may not:

(1) Purchase, sell, handle or transport hides or livestock in violation of ORS 604.005 to 604.071, 604.640, 604.650 and 604.670 or the administrative rules promulgated thereunder;

(2) While marking livestock on the ear, either cut, mark or remove more than one-half of the ear;

(3) Except for the normal sheepshearing process, cut, burn or otherwise obliterate or disfigure the brand, earmark, dewlap or other distinguishing characteristics upon hides or livestock;

(4) Purchase, sell or hold for sale any hides or livestock in the condition described in subsection (3) of this section;

(5) As a custom slaughterer, fail to identify livestock hides and the persons from whom they were obtained;

(6) Apply an unrecorded brand on livestock;

(7) Use a recorded brand or similar design on livestock unless the person is the current recorded holder of the brand, or use a brand recorded in another state, except in accordance with rules adopted by the State Department of Agriculture;

(8)(a) Transport cattle out of this state without a brand inspection certificate having been issued to the person presenting the cattle for transport;

(b) Fail to have a document identifying each load of transported cattle as a part of the cattle described on the brand inspection certificate accompanying each load; or

(c) Fail to deliver the brand inspection certificate to the consignee upon the transported cattle reaching the intended destination;

(9) Refuse to permit the department to inspect hides or livestock, or refuse to permit hides or livestock to be sheared or otherwise handled so as to enable the department to determine the brands thereon;

(10) Knowingly make or issue any false, misleading or incomplete certificate, affidavit, application, proof of claim, document of title or other written instrument required or allowed under the provisions of ORS 604.005 to 604.071, 604.640, 604.650 and 604.670; or

(11) Knowingly present cattle for brand inspection that are not owned by the person requesting the inspection. [1981 c.248 §14; 1987 c.164 §1; 2007 c.229 §4]

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Last modified: August 7, 2008