Oregon Statutes - Chapter 618 - Weights and Measures - Section 618.016 - Policy.

It is the express intent and purpose of ORS 618.010 to 618.246 and 618.991 to establish statutory authority for the administration, regulation and enforcement of weights and measures requirements generally within this state. The objectives of state supervision of weights and measures under ORS 618.010 to 618.246 include the following:

(1) Ensuring that weights and measures in commercial service within the state are suitable for their intended use, properly installed and accurate and are so maintained by their owner or user.

(2) Preventing unfair dealing by weight or measure in any commodity or service advertised, packaged, sold or purchased within this state.

(3) Making available to all users of physical standards or weighing and measuring equipment the precision calibration and related metrological certification capabilities of the weights and measures facilities of the State Department of Agriculture.

(4) Promoting uniformity, to the extent such conformance is practicable and desirable, between weights and measures requirements of this state and those of other states and federal agencies.

(5) Encouraging desirable economic growth while protecting the consumer through the adoption by rule of weights and measures requirements as necessary to ensure equity among buyers and sellers. [1973 c.293 §3; 2005 c.22 §414]

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Last modified: August 7, 2008