Oregon Statutes - Chapter 633 - Grades, Standards and Labels for Feeds, Fertilizers and Seeds - Section 633.015 - Registration of commercial feed required; rules; exemption; fee.

(1) A person may not distribute a nonregistered commercial feed. Except as provided in subsections (2), (5) and (6) of this section, every brand, and each formula or formulation thereof, of commercial feeds manufactured, compounded, delivered or distributed in this state must be registered with the State Department of Agriculture. The distributor must submit an application for registration on forms furnished by the department. If the department so requests, the distributor must submit the label or a facsimile of the label and other printed matter describing the product. Upon approval by the department, a certificate of registration shall be furnished to the distributor. All registrations expire on December 31 of each year or on such date as may be specified by department rule. The application must include the information required by ORS 633.026 (1)(a) to (f) and such other information as the department may require.

(2) A distributor is not required to register any brand of commercial feed that has been registered under ORS 633.006 to 633.089 by another person.

(3) Changes in the guarantee of either chemical or ingredient composition of a registered commercial feed may be permitted, if there is satisfactory evidence that such changes would not result in a lowering of the feeding value of the product for the purpose for which designed.

(4) The department may refuse registration of any commercial feed if the application is not in compliance with the provisions of ORS 633.006 to 633.089. The department may cancel any registration subsequently found not to be in compliance with any provision of ORS 633.006 to 633.089. The department shall give the registrant reasonable opportunity to be heard before the department and to amend the application in order to comply with the requirements of ORS 633.006 to 633.089.

(5) Custom mixed feeds are exempt from registration.

(6) Wild bird feed consisting of unmixed seeds is exempt from registration.

(7) Each application for registration must be accompanied by a fee to be established by the department not to exceed $20 for each formula or formulation of commercial feed under each brand. [1961 c.314 §2; 1967 c.591 §3; 1971 c.489 §1; 2001 c.137 §5; 2007 c.71 §192; 2007 c.282 §2; 2007 c.768 §36]

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Last modified: August 7, 2008