Oregon Statutes - Chapter 634 - Pesticide Control - Section 634.005 - Short title; policy statement.

The purpose of this chapter, which shall be known as the State Pesticide Control Act and shall be enforced by the State Department of Agriculture, is to regulate in the public interest the formulation, distribution, storage, transportation, application and use of pesticides. Many materials have been discovered or synthesized which are necessary and valuable for the control of insects, plant diseases and weeds. Many more pesticides will be discovered and needed. Such materials, however, may injure health, property, wildlife or environment by being distributed, stored, transported, applied or used in an improper or careless manner. The pesticide industry of this state has achieved and maintained high standards in its formulation and use of pesticides while at the same time experiencing a minimum of injury to persons, property or the environment. Currently updating the law to maintain this achievement and to consider future new pesticides and problems is necessary for the protection of persons, property, wildlife and environment of this state. [Formerly 634.012]

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Last modified: August 7, 2008