Oregon Statutes - Chapter 634 - Pesticide Control - Section 634.132 - Consultant license; fee; qualifications; examination; applicability of law.

(1) The annual license fee for a pesticide consultant shall be established by the State Department of Agriculture not to exceed $40.

(2) An applicant for a pesticide consultantís license shall be required to demonstrate satisfactorily by written examination or any reexamination given by the department, an adequate knowledge of:

(a) The characteristics of pesticides and the effect of their application to particular crops.

(b) The practices of application of pesticides.

(c) The conditions and times of application of pesticides and the precautions to be taken in connection therewith.

(d) The applicable laws and rules relating to pesticides and their application in this state.

(e) Other requirements or procedures which will be of benefit to and protect the pesticide applicators, the persons who use the services of the pesticide applicator and the property of others.

(3) Based upon the license application and the request of the applicant, the department may examine the applicant only in any one or more of the classes of pesticides established by the department under ORS 634.306 (2).

(4) Examinations or reexaminations for pesticide consultantís licenses shall be subject to ORS 634.122 (5) to (7).

(5) This section shall not apply to licensed pesticide applicators or operators. [1973 c.341 §18; 1975 c.304 §13; 1993 c.599 §3]

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Last modified: August 7, 2008