Oregon Statutes - Chapter 646A - Trade Regulation - Section 646A.070 - Sale of telephonic equipment; disclosure requirements; enforcement; penalty.

(1) Any person offering for sale or selling new or reconditioned telephone handsets or keysets, private branch exchanges or private automatic branch exchanges of not more than a 20-station capacity shall disclose clearly, in writing, when reasonable, before sale all of the following information:

(a) Whether the equipment uses pulse, tone, pulse-or-tone or other signaling methods.

(b) Whether the equipment can access tone generated services.

(c) Whether the equipment is registered with the Federal Communications Commission under applicable federal regulations.

(d) The person responsible for repair of the equipment.

(e) Minimum charges, if any, for repairs, handling and shipping.

(f) The terms of any written warranty offered with the equipment.

(2) A person who violates subsection (1) of this section commits an unlawful practice under ORS 646.608. The requirement under subsection (1) of this section is subject to enforcement and penalty as provided under ORS 646.605 to 646.652. [Formerly 646.850]

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Last modified: August 7, 2008