Oregon Statutes - Chapter 65 - Nonprofit Corporations - Section 65.040 - Notice to Attorney General; effect of failure to notify.

(1) The Attorney General shall be given notice of the commencement of any proceeding which ORS 65.038, 65.084, 65.207, 65.327, 65.661 or 65.751 or any other provision of this chapter authorize the Attorney General to bring but which has been commenced by another person.

(2) Whenever any provision of this chapter requires that notice be given to the Attorney General before or after commencing a proceeding or permits the Attorney General to commence a proceeding:

(a) If no proceeding has been commenced, the Attorney General may take appropriate action including, but not limited to, seeking injunctive relief; or

(b) If a proceeding has been commenced by a person other than the Attorney General, the Attorney General, as of right, may intervene in such proceeding. [1989 c.1010 §18]

(Religious Corporations)

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Last modified: August 7, 2008