Oregon Statutes - Chapter 655 - Benefits for Injured Trainees and Inmates - Section 655.505 - Definitions for ORS 655.505 to 655.555.

As used in ORS 655.505 to 655.555:

(1) “Attending practitioner” means Department of Corrections medical staff, or specialists assisting Department of Corrections medical staff, while the inmate is committed to the physical and legal custody of the Department of Corrections. At all other times, “attending practitioner” means a person licensed in Oregon or another state as a medical doctor, doctor of osteopathy, doctor of optometry, doctor of dentistry or nurse practitioner who provides services within the scope of the license.

(2) “Authorized work or occupational training assignment” means the work assignment of an inmate:

(a) As authorized by ORS 421.305 to 421.340;

(b) As authorized by ORS 421.450 to 421.480;

(c) As authorized by ORS 144.410 to 144.525; or

(d) In any other inmate activity or program, including, but not limited to, on-the-job training established by the Department of Corrections under section 41, Article I, Oregon Constitution, whether or not compensation has been established by the Director of the Department of Corrections for participation in the activity or program.

(3) “Department” means the Oregon Department of Administrative Services.

(4) “Injury” means:

(a) An accidental injury or accidental injury to prosthetic devices occurring in the course of, and caused in major part by, an authorized work or occupational training assignment requiring medical services and resulting in disability or death; or

(b) Any disease or infection that:

(A) Arises out of, and in the course of, an authorized work or occupational training assignment;

(B) Is caused in major part by ingestion, absorption or inhalation of, or contact with, dust, fumes, vapors, gases, radiation or other substances to which a worker who is not an inmate is not ordinarily subjected or exposed while working;

(C) Requires medical services; and

(D) Results in disability or death.

(5) “Inmate” means a person committed to the physical and legal custody of the Department of Corrections.

(6) “Medical services” means reasonable and necessary services prescribed by an attending practitioner for conditions resulting from injury for a period that the nature of the injury or the process of recovery requires. “Medical services” includes medical, surgical, hospital, nursing, ambulance and other related services, drugs, medicine, crutches and prosthetic appliances, braces and supports and, when necessary, physical restorative services.

(7) “Medically stationary” means that no further material improvement would reasonably be expected from medical treatment or the passage of time.

(8) The terms “beneficiary,” “child” and “dependent” are defined as provided in ORS 656.005. [1963 c.527 §1; 1967 c.504 §10; 1969 c.247 §6; 1969 c.597 §63; 1975 c.631 §1; 1987 c.320 §241; 1991 c.566 §7; 1993 c.500 §50; 1995 c.384 §18; 1997 c.851 §14]

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Last modified: August 7, 2008