Oregon Statutes - Chapter 658 - Employment Agencies; Farm Labor Contractors; Farmworker Camps - Section 658.168 - Contract requirements.

(1) The contract between an employment agency and an applicant for whom such agency is to procure employment and from whom a charge for services is to be exacted or attempted to be collected shall be in writing. The agency shall give the applicant a copy of the contract.

(2) The contract between the employment agency and the applicant shall include:

(a) The name, address and telephone number of the employment agency.

(b) The name of the applicant.

(c) The date and consecutive number of the contract.

(d) A statement that the applicant is under no financial obligation to the employment agency by the mere signing of the contract, and that the applicant is obligated for the charge of services of the agency only if the applicant accepts and actually starts work in a position made available as a direct result of efforts of the agency, if the position is one on which the agency has a bona fide job order at the time of the applicant’s referral to an employer or is a different position accepted by the applicant with the same employer within 90 days after the date of referral and involves skills the applicant had at the time of referral under a bona fide job order and if the charges for service are based upon the schedule of charges published by the agency pursuant to ORS 658.145.

(e) The schedule of charges published by the agency pursuant to ORS 658.145.

(f) Any other term, condition or understanding agreed upon between the agency and the applicant.

(g) At the bottom of the contract, a notice to the effect that the contract is the property of the applicant and shall not be taken from the applicant.

(3) Each contract shall be made in duplicate, both to be signed by the applicant and the person acting for the employment agency. One copy shall be given to the applicant and the other shall be kept on file at the agency.

(4) No fee or charge may be required or accepted from an applicant for employment when the employment agency fails to comply with the provisions of subsection (1) of this section. [1981 c.318 §21; 1997 c.55 §11]

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Last modified: August 7, 2008