Oregon Statutes - Chapter 677 - Regulation of Medicine, Podiatry and Acupuncture - Section 677.515 - Medical services rendered by physician assistant.

(1) This chapter does not prohibit a person from rendering medical services:

(a) If the person has satisfactorily completed an educational program for physician assistants, approved by the Oregon Medical Board, for physician assistants;

(b) If the services are rendered under the supervision and control of a person licensed under this chapter to practice medicine and the use of the physician assistantís services has been approved by the board as provided by ORS 677.510; and

(c) If the person is licensed as a physician assistant as provided by ORS 677.495 and 677.505 to 677.525.

(2) This chapter does not prohibit a student enrolled in an approved program for educating physician assistants from rendering medical services if the services are rendered in the course of the program.

(3) Notwithstanding subsections (1) and (2) of this section, the degree of independent judgment that a physician assistant may exercise shall be determined by the supervising physician and the physician assistant in accordance with a practice description approved by the board.

(4) A physician assistant may provide medical services to patients in a setting where a supervising physician does not regularly practice if the following conditions exist:

(a) Direct communication either in person or by telephone, radio, radiotelephone, television or similar means is maintained; and

(b) The medical services provided by the physician assistant are reviewed by a supervising physician on a regularly scheduled basis as determined by the board.

(5) A supervising physician, upon the approval of the board and in accordance with the rules established by the board, may delegate to the physician assistant the authority to administer and dispense limited emergency medications and to prescribe medications pursuant to this section and ORS 677.535 to 677.545. Neither the board nor the Physician Assistant Committee shall limit the privilege of administering, dispensing and prescribing to population groups federally designated as underserved, or to geographic areas of the state that are federally designated health professional shortage areas, federally designated medically underserved areas or areas designated as medically disadvantaged and in need of primary health care providers by the Director of Human Services or the Office of Rural Health. All prescriptions written pursuant to this subsection shall bear the name, office address and telephone number of the supervising physician.

(6) Nothing in this chapter is intended to require or prohibit a physician assistant from practicing in a hospital licensed pursuant to ORS 441.015 to 441.089.

(7) Prescriptions for medications prescribed by a physician assistant in accordance with this section and ORS 475.005, 677.010, 677.500, 677.510 and 677.535 to 677.545 and dispensed by a licensed pharmacist may be filled by the pharmacist according to the terms of the prescription, and the filling of such a prescription shall not constitute evidence of negligence on the part of the pharmacist if the prescription was dispensed within the reasonable and prudent practice of pharmacy. [Formerly 677.065; 1985 c.747 §52; 1989 c.830 §32; 1993 c.571 §27; 1999 c.119 §3; 1999 c.582 §5; 2001 c.744 §§1,2; 2005 c.366 §3]

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Last modified: August 7, 2008