Oregon Statutes - Chapter 693 - Plumbers - Section 693.020 - Persons and activities not regulated under chapter.

(1) Except as provided in subsection (2) of this section, this chapter does not apply to:

(a) A person working on a building or premises owned by the person, regardless of whether the person holds a license under this chapter, if the person complies with all the rules adopted under this chapter and ORS 447.010 to 447.156 and ORS chapter 455.

(b) A person testing, repairing, servicing, maintaining, installing or replacing new or existing potable water pump equipment not exceeding seven and one-half horsepower on residential property and piping between the pumps and storage tanks for the pumps, regardless of whether the person holds any license under this chapter.

(c) A person installing exterior storm drains that are not connected to a sanitary sewer or combination sanitary storm sewer.

(d) An employee or contractor of a utility, energy service provider or water supplier who is installing an approved low-flow showerhead or faucet aerator in existing plumbing fixtures. The devices installed under this paragraph are exempt from the certification, permit and inspection requirements of this chapter and ORS 447.010 to 447.156.

(e) A person who owns, leases or operates residential property and who repairs, or uses regular employees to repair, existing plumbing on property owned, leased or operated by the person, regardless of whether the person or employee holds a license under this chapter. As used in this paragraph:

(A) “Repair” means the act of replacing or putting together plumbing parts that restore the existing plumbing system to a safe and sanitary operating condition.

(B) “Regular employee” means a person who is subject to the provisions of ORS 316.162 to 316.221 and who has completed a withholding exemptions certificate required by the provisions of ORS 316.162 to 316.221.

(f) A person installing plumbing in a prefabricated structure, as defined in ORS 455.010, that is designed for residential use and intended for delivery in another state.

(2) Subsection (1)(a) to (d) of this section does not allow a person other than a journeyman plumber or apprentice plumber to install, remodel or alter plumbing in a commercial or industrial building being constructed or offered for sale, exchange, rent or lease. As used in this subsection, “install, remodel or alter” means activities that involve installations or changes to the plumbing inside a wall, floor, crawl space or ceiling, or a change in the configuration of a plumbing system.

(3) This section applies to any person, including but not limited to individuals, corporations, associations, firms, partnerships, joint stock companies, public and municipal corporations, political subdivisions, this state and any agencies thereof and the federal government and any agencies thereof.

(4) Except as provided in subsection (1)(d) of this section, nothing in this section exempts a person from the plumbing inspection requirements of ORS 447.010 to 447.156. [Amended by 1981 c.438 §11; 1985 c.590 §5; 1987 c.604 §16; 1993 c.293 §3; 2003 c.14 §437; 2005 c.310 §5; 2005 c.758 §42a]

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Last modified: August 7, 2008