Oregon Statutes - Chapter 732 - Organization and Corporate Procedures of Domestic Insurers; Regulation of Insurers Generally - Section 732.470 - Voting rights of members of mutual insurer.

(1) Each member of a domestic mutual insurer is entitled to one vote on each matter coming before a meeting of the members and for each director to be elected regardless of the number of policies or amount of insurance and benefits held by such member.

(2) The member under a group policy shall have but one vote regardless of the number of individuals insured or benefited thereunder.

(3) Two or more persons who qualify as policyholders under a single policy shall be deemed one policyholder and member for purposes of voting and collectively shall be entitled to one vote.

(4) Fractional voting may not be permitted.

(5) When a member is a minor, the vote shall be vested in the parent or legal guardian of the minor.

(6) Cumulative voting for directors may not be permitted unless expressly provided for in the insurerís articles of incorporation.

(7) The right to vote shall be subject to such reasonable minimum requirements as to duration of membership as may be made in the articles of incorporation and bylaws of the insurer.

(8) A member may in every case vote in person or by proxy. The right to vote by proxy shall be subject to reasonable provisions pertaining thereto, including the duration of proxies, contained in the articles of incorporation or bylaws of the insurer. [Formerly 739.170; 2001 c.352 §6; 2003 c.14 §447]

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Last modified: August 7, 2008