Oregon Statutes - Chapter 743 - Health and Life Insurance - Section 743.230 - Variable life policy provisions.

A variable life insurance policy shall contain in substance the following provisions:

(1) A provision that there will be a period of grace of 30 days within which payment of any premium after the first may be made, during which period of grace the policy will continue in full force. If a claim arises under the policy during such period of grace, the amount of any premiums due or overdue, together with interest not in excess of six percent per annum and any deferred installment of the annual premium, may be deducted from the policy proceeds. The policy may contain a statement of the basis for determining any variation in benefits that may occur as a result of the payment of premium during the period of grace.

(2) A provision that the policy will be reinstated at any time within three years from the date of a default in premium payments, unless the cash surrender value has been paid or the period of extended insurance has expired, upon the production of evidence of insurability satisfactory to the insurer and the payment of an amount not exceeding the greater of:

(a) All overdue premiums and any other indebtedness to the insurer upon said policy with interest at a rate not exceeding six percent per annum; and

(b) One hundred ten percent of the increase in cash surrender value resulting from reinstatement.

(3) A provision for cash surrender values and paid-up insurance benefits available as nonforfeiture options in the event of default in a premium payment after premiums have been paid for a specified period. If the policy does not include a table of figures for the options so available, the policy shall provide that the insurer will furnish, at least once in each policy year, a statement showing the cash value as of a date no earlier than the next preceding policy anniversary.

(a) The method of computation of cash values and other nonforfeiture benefits shall be as described either in the policy or in a statement filed with the Director of the Department of Consumer and Business Services, and shall be actuarially appropriate to the variable nature of the policy.

(b) The method of computation must result, if the net investment return credited to the policy at all times from the date of issue equals the specified investment increment factor, with premiums and benefits determined accordingly under the terms of the policy, in cash values and other nonforfeiture benefits at least equal to the minimum values required by the Standard Nonforfeiture Law for a policy with such premiums and benefits. The method of computation may disregard incidental minimum guarantees as to the dollar amounts payable. Incidental minimum guarantees include, but are not limited to, a guarantee which provides that the amount payable at death or maturity shall be at least equal to the amount that would be payable if the net investment return credited to the policy at all times from the date of issue is equal to the specified investment increment factor.

(4) A provision specifying the investment increment factor to be used in computing the dollar amount of variable benefits or other variable payments or values under the policy, and guaranteeing that expense and mortality results will not adversely affect such dollar amounts. [1973 c.435 §18]

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Last modified: August 7, 2008