Oregon Statutes - Chapter 743 - Health and Life Insurance - Section 743.831 - Consortium established; managed health care performance.

(1) The Administrator of the Office for Oregon Health Policy and Research shall establish a consortium of interested parties that shall:

(a) Develop, on a voluntary basis, standardized, quantitative performance measurements of managed health insurance organizations for use by health care consumers, purchasers and providers to continuously assess the quality of clinical and service-related aspects of health care arranged for or provided by managed health insurance organizations;

(b) Encourage managed health insurance organizations to collect, on a voluntary basis, the performance measurements specified in paragraph (a) of this subsection and share that information with the consortium;

(c) Develop, test, refine and produce one or more managed health care performance scorecards to provide consumers and purchasers with accurate, reliable and timely comparisons of managed health insurance organizations with respect to:

(A) Organizational characteristics;

(B) Clinical quality measurements;

(C) Service-related quality measurements; and

(D) Member and patient satisfaction; and

(d) Carry out the activities specified in this subsection with the objective of:

(A) Utilizing, to the greatest extent feasible and desirable, nationally developed quality assessment tools; and

(B) Minimizing duplicative quality assessment activities and associated administrative costs.

(2) The consortium established pursuant to subsection (1) of this section shall be comprised of representatives of:

(a) Health care consumers;

(b) Private-sector and public-sector health care purchasers;

(c) Managed health insurance organizations;

(d) Health care providers, including but not limited to physicians, nurses and hospitals;

(e) State agencies, including but not limited to the Department of Consumer and Business Services and the Department of Human Services;

(f) Oregon institutions of higher education with relevant professional expertise; and

(g) Other groups or organizations as determined to be appropriate by the administrator to ensure broad representation of interests and expertise.

(3) The Office for Oregon Health Policy and Research shall:

(a) Provide staffing for the consortium; and

(b) Seek public and private funds to assist in the work of the consortium. [1997 c.343 §13]

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Last modified: August 7, 2008