Oregon Statutes - Chapter 772 - Rights of Way for Public Uses - Section 772.065 - Appropriation of county road or property in lieu thereof by agreement with county court.

(1) Whenever it is necessary for any corporation mentioned in ORS 772.010 to appropriate all or part of any county road or highway for right of way, the corporation may appropriate so much of the road as may be necessary, and in lieu thereof may condemn or otherwise acquire property contiguous to or as near adjacent to the road as possible in an amount equal to the property to be appropriated.

(2) Upon construction by the corporation of a county road or highway on the property so acquired in a manner conformable in the material character of the construction of said highways appropriated and upon the same grade or such other grade as may be agreed upon by the corporation and the county court or board of county commissioners of the county in which the road is located, and upon the acceptance by the county court or board of such newly constructed road, and on the conveyance of same to the county, the corporation shall then become the owner and entitled to the possession of so much of the county road or highway so appropriated.

(3) ORS 772.065 and 772.070 do not apply to roads or streets within any platted or incorporated city or town, or any addition thereto.

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Last modified: August 7, 2008