Oregon Statutes - Chapter 772 - Rights of Way for Public Uses - Section 772.305 - Condemnation of right of way for drainage or irrigation.

(1) The United States, the state, or any person, firm, cooperative, association or corporation, shall have the right of way across and upon public, private and corporate lands or other rights of way, for the construction, maintenance, repair and use of all necessary reservoirs, dams, water gates, canals, ditches, flumes, tunnels, pipelines or other means of securing, storing and conveying water for irrigation or for drainage, or any other beneficial purpose, upon payment of just compensation therefor.

(2) But such right of way shall in all cases be so constructed, obtained, located and exercised in a manner consistent with proper and economical and engineering construction, so as not to unnecessarily impair practical use of any other right of way, highway or public or private road, nor to unnecessarily injure any public or private property.

(3) Such right of way may be acquired in the manner provided by law for the taking of private property for public use. If a water right permit is required under the applicable provisions of ORS chapter 537 in order to use, store or convey water within the right of way, a person, firm, cooperative, association or corporation may not acquire a right of way under this subsection before obtaining a water right permit or obtaining a final order of the Water Resources Department approving an application for a water right permit.

(4) In determining just compensation under subsection (1) of this section for a right of way across forestlands, consideration shall be given, but not limited to, the effect of the right of way on:

(a) Access to the whole of the affected parcel;

(b) Ease and method of timber harvesting or other commercial uses of the affected parcel; and

(c) Any agricultural or silvicultural activities on the affected parcel, including but not limited to application of chemicals, cultivation or harvesting activities and movement of equipment associated with any of the above activities. [Amended by 1989 c.509 §1; 1995 c.365 §8]

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Last modified: August 7, 2008