Oregon Statutes - Chapter 772 - Rights of Way for Public Uses - Section 772.620 - Placement of pipeline facilities.

(1) Whenever a pipeline or appurtenance used in conjunction with the underground storage of natural gas in an underground reservoir is laid along a public road, it shall be placed as closely as practicable to the extreme outside edge of the right of way of the road.

(2) Such pipeline or appurtenance shall not be located under or pass through or under any cemetery, church, college, schoolhouse, residence, business or storehouse, or through or under any building in this state, except by the consent of the owner thereof.

(3) When cultivated lands are appropriated under ORS 772.615, such pipelines shall be well buried underground, at least 20 inches under the surface, which shall be properly and promptly restored by the natural gas company unless otherwise consented to by the owner of the land.

(4) When unimproved lands are appropriated under ORS 772.615 and thereafter become cultivated or improved, such pipelines shall be buried by the natural gas company as provided in subsection (3) of this section, within a reasonable time after notice by the owner of such lands, or the agent of the owner, to the natural gas company or its agent. [1977 c.296 §10]

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Last modified: August 7, 2008