Oregon Statutes - Chapter 777 - Ports Generally - Section 777.210 - Port may engage in certain port management activities.

A port may:

(1) Establish, operate and maintain water transportation lines in any of the navigable waters of this state and waters tributary thereto, any portion of which may touch the boundaries of the port.

(2) Engage generally in the business of buying and selling coal, fuel oil and all kinds of fuel for watercraft of all kinds.

(3) Acquire, construct, maintain or operate sea walls, jetties, piers, wharves, docks, boat landings, warehouses, storehouses, elevators, grain bins, terminal icing plants, facilities for processing agricultural, fish or meat products, bunkers, oil tanks, ferries, canals, locks, tidal basins, bridges, subways, tramways, cableways, conveyors, power plants, power transmission lines, administration buildings and fishing terminals, and modern appliances and buildings for the economical handling, packing, storing and transportation of freight and handling of passenger traffic with full power to lease and sell the same, together with the lands upon which they are situated, whether held by the port in its governmental capacity or not.

(4) For the public convenience and the convenience of its shipping and commercial interests, may improve all or any portion of the waterfront of its harbors, rivers and waterways.

(5) Enlarge its tidal area, and construct, excavate or dredge canals and channels connecting its waterways with one another or with other waterways and the sea.

(6) Acquire or construct, maintain or operate airports anywhere within the port.

(7) Acquire, construct, maintain, operate, support, promote or invest in facilities and related activities for the propagation of fish in accordance with the commercial fishing laws. [1971 c.728 §23 (enacted in lieu of 777.130); 1979 c.407 §3]

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Last modified: August 7, 2008