Oregon Statutes - Chapter 777 - Ports Generally - Section 777.515 - Payment of warrants; interest on warrants.

(1) The treasurer of a port, or the treasurer of the county who is the legal custodian of funds belonging to or credited to a port, shall pay the warrants of the port when presented, if the treasurer has money in custody for the purpose of paying the obligation for which the warrant was given. The treasurer shall write on the face of the warrant the date of redemption and the treasurer’s signature.

(2) If there are no funds in the custody of the port treasurer to pay the warrant when presented, the port treasurer shall indorse thereon “Not Paid for Want of Funds” and the date of presentment over the signature of the port treasurer. The warrant shall draw interest at the legal rate from the date of such indorsement. Thereafter, the county treasurer, upon presentment of the warrant, shall pay upon the warrant any funds which may come into the county treasurer’s custody for the purpose of paying the obligation for which the warrant was issued and shall, over the signature of the county treasurer, indorse the amount of the payment upon the warrant with the date of the payment.

(3) However, a warrant drawn in payment of the principal or face amount of a port bond shall in no event draw interest in excess of the rate of interest expressed upon the face of the port bond, and the rate of such interest shall appear upon the face of the warrant. Interest on a warrant shall cease from the date of notice by publication in some newspaper printed or circulated in the county. Notice shall be given by the port treasurer authorized to redeem the warrant, stating that there are funds to redeem outstanding warrants. The treasurer shall give notice when the treasurer has $10,000 belonging to the fund. [Amended by 1971 c.728 §35]

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Last modified: August 7, 2008