Oregon Statutes - Chapter 783 - Liabilities and Offenses Connected With Shipping and Navigation; Shipbreaking; Ballast Water - Section 783.010 - Claims for which liens accorded.

Every boat or vessel used in navigating the water of this state or constructed in this state is liable and subject to a lien:

(1) For wages due to persons employed, for work done or services rendered on board such boat or vessel.

(2) For all debts due to persons by virtue of a contract, expressed or implied, with the owners of a boat or vessel, or with the agents, contractors or subcontractors of such owner, or with any person having them employed to construct, repair or launch such boat or vessel, on account of:

(a) Labor done or materials furnished by mechanics, tradesmen or others in the building, repairing, fitting and furnishing or equipping of such boat or vessel;

(b) Stores and supplies furnished for the use thereof;

(c) Premiums for insurance placed on or with respect to such boat or vessel; or

(d) Launchways constructed for the launching of such boat or vessel.

(3) For all sums for wharfage, anchorage or towage of such boat or vessel within this state.

(4) For all demands or damages accruing from the nonperformance or malperformance of any contract of affreightment, or of any contract touching the transportation of persons or property, entered into by the master, owner, agent or consignee of the boat or vessel on which such contract is to be performed, and for damages or injuries done to persons or property, by such boat or vessel, and for damages or injuries by such boat or vessel resulting in the death of any person. [Amended by 1981 c.548 §1; 2005 c.22 §511]

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Last modified: August 7, 2008