Oregon Statutes - Chapter 783 - Liabilities and Offenses Connected With Shipping and Navigation; Shipbreaking; Ballast Water - Section 783.320 - Injuries to persons or property ashore; liability in damages; venue.

The owner or owners of any boat or vessel which, when navigating the waters of this state or when within the waters of this state, has, through the negligence or misconduct of the owner, agent, master, pilot or employees thereon, caused injury to persons or property upon shore or upon wharves, warehouses, bridges or other structures affixed or contiguous to such shore, wharves, warehouses, bridges or other structures, shall be liable for all damages resulting to such person or to the owners of such property by reason thereof. The persons so injured may recover the same in an action at law in the circuit court of any county within which the boat or vessel may be found.

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Last modified: August 7, 2008