Oregon Statutes - Chapter 801 - General Provisions and Definitions for Oregon Vehicle Code - Section 801.042 - Terms and conditions for imposition of registration fee by district.

The following apply to the authority granted to a district by ORS 801.040 to establish registration fees for vehicles:

(1) Before the governing body of a district can impose a registration fee under this section, it must submit the proposal to the electors of the district for their approval and, if the proposal is approved, enter into an intergovernmental agreement under ORS 190.010 with the governing bodies of all counties, other districts and cities with populations of over 300,000 that overlap the district. The intergovernmental agreement must state the registration fees and, if necessary, how the revenue from the fees shall be apportioned among counties and the districts. Before the governing body of a county can enter into such an intergovernmental agreement, the county shall consult with the cities in its jurisdiction.

(2) If a district raises revenues from a registration fee for purposes related to highways, roads, streets and roadside rest areas, the governing body of that district shall establish a Regional Arterial Fund and shall deposit in the Regional Arterial Fund all such registration fees.

(3) Interest received on moneys credited to the Regional Arterial Fund shall accrue to and become a part of the Regional Arterial Fund.

(4) The Regional Arterial Fund must be administered by the governing body of the district referred to in subsection (2) of this section and such governing body by ordinance may disburse moneys in the Regional Arterial Fund. Moneys within the Regional Arterial Fund may be disbursed only for a program of projects recommended by a joint policy advisory committee on transportation consisting of local officials and state agency representatives designated by the district referred to in subsection (2) of this section. The projects for which the joint policy advisory committee on transportation can recommend funding must concern arterials, collectors or other improvements designated by the joint policy advisory committee on transportation.

(5) Ordinances establishing registration fees under this section must be filed with the Department of Transportation. The governing body of the district imposing the registration fee shall enter into an intergovernmental agreement under ORS 190.010 with the department by which the department shall collect the registration fees, pay them over to the district and, if necessary, allow the credit or credits described in ORS 803.445 (5). The intergovernmental agreement must state the date on which the department shall begin collecting registration fees for the district.

(6) The authority granted by this section allows the establishment of registration fees in addition to those described in ORS 803.420. There is no authority under this section to affect registration periods, qualifications, cards, plates, requirements or any other provision relating to vehicle registration under the vehicle code.

(7) Except as otherwise provided for in this subsection, when registration fees are imposed under this section, the fees must be imposed on all vehicle classes. Registration fees as provided under this section may not be imposed on the following:

(a) Snowmobiles and Class I all-terrain vehicles.

(b) Fixed load vehicles.

(c) Vehicles registered under ORS 805.100 to disabled veterans.

(d) Vehicles registered as antique vehicles under ORS 805.010.

(e) Vehicles registered as vehicles of special interest under ORS 805.020.

(f) Government-owned or operated vehicles registered under ORS 805.040 or 805.045.

(g) School buses or school activity vehicles registered under ORS 805.050.

(h) Law enforcement undercover vehicles registered under ORS 805.060.

(i) Vehicles registered on a proportional basis for interstate operation.

(j) Vehicles with a registration weight of 26,001 pounds or more described in ORS 803.420 (10) or (11).

(k) Vehicles registered as farm vehicles under the provisions of ORS 805.300.

(L) Travel trailers, campers and motor homes.

(8) Any registration fee imposed by the governing body of a district must be a fixed amount not to exceed, with respect to any vehicle class, the registration fee established under ORS 803.420 (1). For vehicles on which a flat fee is imposed under ORS 803.420, the fee must be a whole dollar amount. [1989 c.864 §5; 1993 c.751 §4; 2003 c.655 §86]

Note: See note under 801.041.

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