Oregon Statutes - Chapter 83 - Retail Installment Contracts - Section 83.890 - Notice required in contract when seller intends to transfer contract.

(1) If the seller intends to transfer the retail installment contract to a holder, who has agreed with the seller to collect payments directly from the retail buyer, the contract shall contain the following notice which shall be in at least 8-point type, or elite typewriter type, and be located on the same side of the page as the customerís signature:


NOTICE: The seller intends to sell this contract to (insert name and mailing address of holder) which, if it buys the contract, will become the owner of the contract and your creditor. After the sale of this contract, all questions concerning either terms of the contract or payments should be directed to the buyer of the contract at the address indicated above.


(2) If the contract is transferred to a holder other than the one identified in the notice, or is retained by the seller, the seller shall cause notice in writing of the name and address of the actual holder to be delivered to the retail buyer within 10 days of the decision. [1977 c.274 §3]

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Last modified: August 7, 2008