Oregon Statutes - Chapter 9 - Attorneys; Law Libraries - Section 9.725 - Appointment of custodians of law practice; duties of custodian and court.

(1) If the court assumes jurisdiction under ORS 9.705 to 9.755, it shall appoint one or more attorneys who are members in good standing of the Oregon State Bar to act as custodian of the law practice of the affected attorney. Immediately upon appointment, such custodian shall take possession and control of all property comprising the law practice of the affected attorney. The court may order any custodian appointed under ORS 9.705 to 9.755 to do one or more of the following:

(a) Examine the files and records of the law practice and obtain information as to any pending matters which may require attention;

(b) Notify persons and entities who appear to be clients of the affected attorney that the court has assumed jurisdiction and inform such persons that it may be in their best interest to obtain other legal counsel;

(c) Apply for extensions of time pending employment of other counsel by the client;

(d) File notices, motions and pleadings on behalf of the client where jurisdictional time limits are involved and other legal counsel has not yet been obtained;

(e) Give notice to appropriate persons and entities who may be affected, other than clients, that the court has assumed jurisdiction;

(f) Arrange for the surrender or delivery of clients’ papers or property; and

(g) Do such other acts as the court may direct to carry out the purposes of ORS 9.705 to 9.755.

(2) The court shall have jurisdiction over the files, records and property of the affected attorney for the purposes of ORS 9.705 to 9.755, and may make all orders necessary or appropriate to protect the interest of the affected attorney, the clients of the affected attorney and the public. [1979 c.252 §6; 1985 c.512 §7; 1989 c.1052 §18]

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Last modified: August 7, 2008