Oregon Statutes - Chapter 9 - Attorneys; Law Libraries - Section 9.840 - Law libraries in counties other than Multnomah County.

The county court of any county containing not more than 400,000 inhabitants, according to the latest federal decennial census, may, after a resolution duly passed by the bar association of the county therefor has been filed with the county clerk, pass a resolution at a regular meeting of the county court, declaring that the county maintains and operates a law library as described in ORS 21.350 (3), or that the county proposes, after the passing of the resolution by the county court, to establish, maintain and operate such a library, and reciting that the county has a population of not more than 400,000, according to the latest federal decennial census. Such resolution shall be authorization and direction to the clerk of a court to collect the fees prescribed in ORS 21.350 (1). Fees so collected shall be paid, in the manner determined by the State Court Administrator, to the appropriate officer of the county within the first 25 days of the month following the month in which collected. [Amended by 1963 c.519 §2; 1965 c.619 §5; 1981 s.s. c.3 §79; 1983 c.763 §37; 1997 c.801 §147]

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Last modified: August 7, 2008