Oregon Statutes - Chapter 90 - Residential Landlord and Tenant - Section 90.740 - Tenant obligations.

A tenant shall:

(1) Install the tenantís manufactured dwelling or floating home and any accessory building or structure on a rented space in compliance with applicable laws and the rental agreement.

(2) Except as provided by the rental agreement, dispose from the dwelling or home and the rented space all ashes, garbage, rubbish and other waste in a clean, safe and legal manner. With regard to needles, syringes and other infectious waste, as defined in ORS 459.386, the tenant may not dispose of these items by placing them in garbage receptacles or in any other place or manner except as authorized by state and local governmental agencies.

(3) Behave, and require persons on the premises with the consent of the tenant to behave, in compliance with the rental agreement and with any laws or ordinances that relate to the tenantís behavior as a tenant.

(4) Except as provided by the rental agreement:

(a) Use the rented space and the facility common areas in a reasonable manner considering the purposes for which they were designed and intended;

(b) Keep the rented space in every part free from all accumulations of debris, filth, rubbish, garbage, rodents and vermin as the condition of the rented space permits and to the extent that the tenant is responsible for causing the problem. The tenant shall cooperate to a reasonable extent in assisting the landlord in any reasonable effort to remedy the problem;

(c) Keep the dwelling or home, and the rented space, safe from the hazards of fire;

(d) Install and maintain in the dwelling or home a smoke alarm approved under applicable law;

(e) Install and maintain storm water drains on the roof of the dwelling or home and connect the drains to the drainage system, if any;

(f) Use electrical, water, storm water drainage and sewage disposal systems in a reasonable manner and maintain the connections to those systems;

(g) Refrain from deliberately or negligently destroying, defacing, damaging, impairing or removing any part of the facility, other than the tenantís own dwelling or home, or knowingly permitting any person to do so;

(h) Maintain, water and mow or prune any trees, shrubbery or grass on the rented space; and

(i) Behave, and require persons on the premises with the consent of the tenant to behave, in a manner that does not disturb the peaceful enjoyment of the premises by neighbors. [1999 c.676 §3]

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Last modified: August 7, 2008