Oregon Statutes - Chapter 93 - Conveyancing and Recording - Section 93.220 - Release, limitation or restriction of power of appointment.

(1) Any person to whom there has been granted or reserved any power of appointment or other power by which the person may elect to take any action affecting the disposition of property may at any time release, or, from time to time, limit or restrict such power in whole or in part by an instrument in writing evidencing that purpose and subscribed by the person.

(2) If the power is one to affect title to real property, the instrument shall be executed, acknowledged, proved and recorded, or filed with the registrar of title in each county in which the land is situated in the same manner as a conveyance of real property.

(3) If the power is of such nature that its exercise may affect the duty of any trustee or other fiduciary, such trustee or other fiduciary is not bound to take notice thereof unless the trustee or other fiduciary has received the original or an executed duplicate of the release or a copy thereof certified by the county clerk or county recorder of the county in which it has been recorded.

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Last modified: August 7, 2008