Oregon Statutes - Chapter 94 - Real Property Development - Section 94.616 - Turnover meeting; transfer of administration; receivership.

(1) At the meeting called under ORS 94.609, the declarant shall turn over to the homeowners association the responsibility for the administration of the planned community, and the association shall accept the administrative responsibility from the declarant.

(2) If a quorum of the owners is present, the owners shall elect not fewer than the number of directors sufficient to constitute a quorum of the board of directors in accordance with the declaration or bylaws of the association.

(3) At the meeting called under ORS 94.609, the declarant shall deliver to the association:

(a) The original or a photocopy of the recorded declaration and copies of the bylaws and the articles of incorporation, if any, of the planned community and any supplements and amendments to the articles or bylaws;

(b) A deed to the common property in the planned community, unless otherwise provided in the declaration;

(c) The minute books, including all minutes, and other books and records of the association and the board of directors;

(d) All rules and regulations adopted by the declarant;

(e) Resignations of officers and members of the board of directors who are required to resign because of the expiration of any period of declarant control reserved pursuant to ORS 94.600;

(f) A financial statement. The financial statement:

(A) Must consist of a balance sheet and an income and expense statement for the preceding 12-month period or the period following the recording of the declaration, whichever period is shorter; and

(B) Must be reviewed, in accordance with the Statements on Standards for Accounting and Review Services issued by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, by an independent certified public accountant licensed in the State of Oregon if the annual assessments of an association exceed $75,000;

(g) All funds of the association and control of the funds, including all bank records;

(h) All tangible personal property that is property of the association, and an inventory of the property;

(i) Records of all property tax payments for the common property to be administered by the association;

(j) Copies of any income tax returns filed by the declarant in the name of the association, and supporting records for the returns;

(k) All bank signature cards;

(L) The reserve account established in the name of the association under ORS 94.595;

(m) The reserve study and the maintenance plan required under ORS 94.595, including all updates and other sources of information that serve as a basis for calculating reserves in accordance with ORS 94.595;

(n) An operating budget for the portion of the planned community turned over to association administration and a budget for replacement and maintenance of the common property;

(o) A copy of the following, if available:

(A) The as-built architectural, structural, engineering, mechanical, electrical and plumbing plans;

(B) The original specifications, indicating all subsequent material changes;

(C) The plans for underground site service, site grading, drainage and landscaping together with cable television drawings;

(D) Any other plans and information relevant to future repair or maintenance of the property; and

(E) A list of the general contractor and the electrical, heating and plumbing subcontractors responsible for construction or installation of common property;

(p) Insurance policies;

(q) Copies of any occupancy permits issued for the planned community;

(r) Any other permits issued by governmental bodies applicable to the planned community in force or issued within one year before the date on which the owners assume administrative responsibility;

(s) A list of any written warranties on the common property that are in effect and the names of the contractor, subcontractor or supplier who made the installation for which the warranty is in effect;

(t) A roster of owners and their addresses and telephone numbers, if known, as shown on the records of the declarant;

(u) Leases of the common property and any other leases to which the association is a party;

(v) Employment or service contracts in which the association is one of the contracting parties or service contracts in which the association or the owners have an obligation or responsibility, directly or indirectly, to pay some or all of the fee or charge of the person performing the service; and

(w) Any other contracts to which the homeowners association is a party.

(4) In order to facilitate an orderly transition, during the three-month period following the turnover meeting, the declarant or an informed representative shall be available to meet with the board of directors on at least three mutually acceptable dates to review the documents delivered under subsection (3) of this section.

(5) If the declarant has complied with this section and unless the declarant has sufficient voting rights as a lot owner to control the association, the declarant is not responsible for the failure of the owners to elect the number of directors sufficient to constitute a quorum of the board of directors and assume control of the association in accordance with subsection (1) of this section. The declarant is relieved from further responsibility for the administration of the association, except as a lot owner.

(6) If the owners present do not constitute a quorum or the owners fail to elect the number of directors sufficient to constitute a quorum of the board of directors at the turnover meeting held in accordance with this section:

(a) At any time before the election of the number of directors sufficient to constitute a quorum, an owner or first mortgagee may call a special meeting for the purpose of election of directors and shall give notice of the meeting in accordance with the notice requirements in the bylaws for special meetings. The owners and first mortgagees present at the special meeting shall select a person to preside over the meeting.

(b) An owner or first mortgagee may request a court to appoint a receiver as provided in ORS 94.642. [1981 c.782 §67; 1983 c.206 §3; 1999 c.677 §11; 2001 c.756 §11; 2003 c.803 §19; 2007 c.409 §8]

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Last modified: August 7, 2008