11 Pennsylvania Consolidated Statutes § 14601 - Collection Of Municipal Claims

§ 14601. Collection of municipal claims.

(a) Civil action.--In addition to the remedies provided by this part or any other law for the filing of liens for the collection of municipal claims, including water rates, sewer rates and the removal of nuisances, a city may proceed for the recovery and collection of municipal claims by civil action as follows:

(1) The action shall be brought against the person who was the owner of the property at the time:

(i) of the completion of the improvement; or

(ii) the water or sewer rates or the cost of the removal of nuisances first became payable.

(2) A city may bring a civil action, notwithstanding the failure on the part of the city or its agents to enter the municipal claim as a lien against the property assessed for the improvement, for the furnishing of water or sewer services or for the removal of nuisances and for the recovery of which the action was brought.

(b) Limitation period.--The civil action shall be commenced either within six years after the completion of the improvement from which the claim arises or within six years after the water or sewer rates or the cost of abating a nuisance first became payable.

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Last modified: October 8, 2016