13 Pennsylvania Consolidated Statutes § 2103 - Definitions And Index Of Definitions

§ 2103. Definitions and index of definitions.

(a) Definitions.--The following words and phrases when used in this division shall have, unless the context clearly indicates otherwise, the meanings given to them in this subsection:

"Buyer." A person who buys or contracts to buy goods.

"Good faith." (Deleted by amendment).

"Receipt." Receipt of goods means taking physical possession of them.

"Seller." A person who sells or contracts to sell goods.

(b) Index of other definitions in division.--Other definitions applying to this division or to specified chapters thereof, and the sections in which they appear are:

"Acceptance." Section 2606.

"Banker's credit." Section 2325.

"Between merchants." Section 2104.

"Cancellation." Section 2106(d).

"Commercial unit." Section 2105.

"Confirmed credit." Section 2325.

"Conforming to contract." Section 2106.

"Contract for sale." Section 2106.

"Cover." Section 2712.

"Entrusting." Section 2403.

"Financing agency." Section 2104.

"Future goods." Section 2105.

"Goods." Section 2105.

"Identification." Section 2501.

"Installment contract." Section 2612.

"Letter of credit." Section 2325.

"Lot." Section 2105.

"Merchant." Section 2104.

"Overseas." Section 2323.

"Person in position of seller." Section 2707.

"Present sale." Section 2106.

"Sale." Section 2106.

"Sale on approval." Section 2326.

"Sale or return." Section 2326.

"Termination." Section 2106.

(c) Index of definitions in other divisions.--The following definitions in other divisions apply to this division:

"Check." Section 3104.

"Consignee." Section 7102.

"Consignor." Section 7102.

"Consumer goods." Section 9102.

"Control." Section 7106.

"Dishonor." Section 3502.

"Draft." Section 3104.

(d) Applicability of general definitions and principles.--In addition, Division 1 (relating to general provisions) contains general definitions and principles of construction and interpretation applicable throughout this division.

(July 9, 1992, P.L.507, No.97, eff. one year; June 8, 2001, P.L.123, No.18, eff. July 1, 2001; Apr. 16, 2008, P.L.57, No.13, eff. 60 days)

2008 Amendment. Act 13 deleted the def. of "good faith" in subsec. (a) and added the def. of "control" in subsec. (c).

2001 Amendment. Act 18 amended subsec. (c).

Cross References. Section 2103 is referred to in sections 2A103, 7102 of this title.

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