13 Pennsylvania Consolidated Statutes § 2a211 - Warranties Against Interference And Against Infringement; Lessee's Obligation Against Infringement

§ 2A211. Warranties against interference and against

infringement; lessee's obligation against


(a) General rule.--There is in a lease contract a warranty that for the lease term no person holds a claim to or interest in the goods that arose from an act or omission of the lessor, other than a claim by way of infringement or the like, which will interfere with the lessee's enjoyment of its leasehold interest.

(b) Warranty of merchant regularly dealing in goods.--Except in a finance lease, there is in a lease contract by a lessor who is a merchant regularly dealing in goods of the kind a warranty that the goods are delivered free of the rightful claim of any person by way of infringement or the like.

(c) Obligation of lessee against infringement.--A lessee who furnishes specifications to a lessor or a supplier shall hold the lessor and the supplier harmless against any claim by way of infringement or the like that arises out of compliance with the specifications.

Cross References. Section 2A211 is referred to in sections 2A214, 2A516 of this title.

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