13 Pennsylvania Consolidated Statutes § 2a503 - Modification Or Impairment Of Rights And Remedies

§ 2A503. Modification or impairment of rights and remedies.

(a) Provisions in lease agreements.--Except as otherwise provided in this division, the lease agreement may include rights and remedies for default in addition to or in substitution for those provided in this division and may limit or alter the measure of damages recoverable under this division.

(b) Specified remedy construed as optional.--Resort to a remedy provided under this division or in the lease agreement is optional unless the remedy is expressly agreed to be exclusive. If circumstances cause an exclusive or limited remedy to fail of its essential purpose, or provision for an exclusive remedy is unconscionable, remedy may be had as provided in this division.

(c) Consequential damages.--Consequential damages may be liquidated under section 2A504 (relating to liquidation of damages), or may otherwise be limited, altered or excluded unless the limitation, alteration or exclusion is unconscionable. Limitation, alteration or exclusion of consequential damages for injury to the person in the case of consumer goods is prima facie unconscionable but limitation, alteration or exclusion of damages where the loss is commercial is not prima facie unconscionable.

(d) Other rights and remedies unimpaired.--Rights and remedies on default by the lessor or the lessee with respect to any obligation or promise collateral or ancillary to the lease contract are not impaired by this division.

Cross References. Section 2A503 is referred to in sections 2A518, 2A519, 2A527 of this title.

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Last modified: October 8, 2016