13 Pennsylvania Consolidated Statutes § 9514 - Assignment Of Powers Of Secured Party Of Record

§ 9514. Assignment of powers of secured party of record.

(a) Assignment reflected on initial financing statement.-- Except as otherwise provided in subsection (c), an initial financing statement may reflect an assignment of all of the secured party's power to authorize an amendment to the financing statement by providing the name and mailing address of the assignee as the name and address of the secured party.

(b) Assignment of filed financing statement.--Except as otherwise provided in subsection (c), a secured party of record may assign of record all or part of its power to authorize an amendment to a financing statement by filing in the filing office an amendment of the financing statement which:

(1) identifies by its file number the initial financing statement to which it relates;

(2) provides the name of the assignor; and

(3) provides the name and mailing address of the assignee.

(c) Assignment of record of mortgage.--An assignment of record of a security interest in a fixture covered by a record of a mortgage which is effective as a financing statement filed as a fixture filing under section 9502(c) (relating to record of mortgage as financing statement) may be made only by an assignment of record of the mortgage in the manner provided by law of this Commonwealth other than this title.

Cross References. Section 9514 is referred to in sections 9511, 9516, 9519 of this title.

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