15 Pennsylvania Consolidated Statutes § 1526 - Liability Of Shareholders

§ 1526. Liability of shareholders.

(a) General rule.--A shareholder of a business corporation shall not be liable, solely by reason of being a shareholder, under an order of a court or in any other manner for a debt, obligation or liability of the corporation of any kind or for the acts of any shareholder or representative of the corporation.

(b) Professional relationship unaffected.--Subsection (a) shall not afford the shareholders of a business corporation that is not a professional corporation but that provides professional services with greater immunity than is available to the officers, shareholders, employees or agents of a business corporation that is a professional corporation. See section 2925 (relating to professional relationship retained).

(c) Disciplinary jurisdiction unaffected.--A business corporation providing professional services shall be subject to the applicable rules and regulations adopted by, and all the disciplinary powers of, the court, department, board, commission or other government unit regulating the profession in which the corporation is engaged. The court, department, board or other government unit may require that a corporation include in its articles provisions that conform to any rule or regulation heretofore or hereafter promulgated for the purpose of enforcing the ethics of a profession. This subpart shall not affect or impair the disciplinary powers of the court, department, board, commission or other government unit over licensed persons or any law, rule or regulation pertaining to the standards for professional conduct of licensed persons or to the professional relationship between any licensed person rendering professional services and the person receiving professional services.

(June 22, 2001, P.L.418, No.34, eff. 60 days)

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