15 Pennsylvania Consolidated Statutes § 1579 - Valuation Proceedings Generally

§ 1579. Valuation proceedings generally.

(a) General rule.--Within 60 days after the latest of:

(1) effectuation of the proposed corporate action;

(2) timely receipt of any demands for payment under section 1575 (relating to notice to demand payment); or

(3) timely receipt of any estimates pursuant to section 1578 (relating to estimate by dissenter of fair value of shares);

if any demands for payment remain unsettled, the business corporation may file in court an application for relief requesting that the fair value of the shares be determined by the court.

(b) Mandatory joinder of dissenters.--All dissenters, wherever residing, whose demands have not been settled shall be made parties to the proceeding as in an action against their shares. A copy of the application shall be served on each such dissenter. If a dissenter is a nonresident, the copy may be served on him in the manner provided or prescribed by or pursuant to 42 Pa.C.S. Ch. 53 (relating to bases of jurisdiction and interstate and international procedure).

(c) Jurisdiction of the court.--The jurisdiction of the court shall be plenary and exclusive. The court may appoint an appraiser to receive evidence and recommend a decision on the issue of fair value. The appraiser shall have such power and authority as may be specified in the order of appointment or in any amendment thereof.

(d) Measure of recovery.--Each dissenter who is made a party shall be entitled to recover the amount by which the fair value of his shares is found to exceed the amount, if any, previously remitted, plus interest.

(e) Effect of corporation's failure to file application.--If the corporation fails to file an application as provided in subsection (a), any dissenter who made a demand and who has not already settled his claim against the corporation may do so in the name of the corporation at any time within 30 days after the expiration of the 60-day period. If a dissenter does not file an application within the 30-day period, each dissenter entitled to file an application shall be paid the corporation's estimate of the fair value of the shares and no more, and may bring an action to recover any amount not previously remitted.

Cross References. Section 1579 is referred to in section 1580 of this title.

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