15 Pennsylvania Consolidated Statutes § 1707 - Exception To Requirement Of Notice

§ 1707. Exception to requirement of notice.

(a) General rule.--Whenever any notice or communication is required to be given to any person under the provisions of this subpart or by the articles or bylaws of any business corporation or by the terms of any agreement or other instrument or as a condition precedent to taking any corporate action and communication with that person is then unlawful, the giving of the notice or communication to that person shall not be required, and there shall not be any duty to apply for a license or other permission to do so. Any action or meeting that is taken or held without notice or communication to that person shall have the same validity as if the notice or communication had been duly given. If the action taken is such as to require the filing of any document with respect thereto under any provision of law or any agreement or other instrument, it shall be sufficient, if such is the fact and if notice or communication is required, to state therein that notice or communication was given to all persons entitled to receive notice or communication except persons with whom communication was unlawful. See section 1701 (relating to applicability of subchapter).

(b) Shareholders without forwarding addresses.--Subsection (a) shall also be applicable to any shareholder with whom the corporation has been unable to communicate for more than 24 consecutive months because communications to the shareholder are returned unclaimed or the shareholder has otherwise failed to provide the corporation with a current address. Whenever the shareholder provides the corporation with a current address, subsection (a) shall cease to be applicable to the shareholder under this subsection.

Cross References. Section 1707 is referred to in section 1701 of this title.

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