15 Pennsylvania Consolidated Statutes § 5979 - Survival Of Remedies And Rights After Dissolution

§ 5979. Survival of remedies and rights after dissolution.

(a) General rule.--The dissolution of a nonprofit corporation, either under this subchapter or under Subchapter G (relating to involuntary liquidation and dissolution) or by expiration of its period of duration or otherwise, shall not eliminate nor impair any remedy available to or against the corporation or its directors, members of an other body, officers or members for any right or claim existing, or liability incurred, prior to the dissolution, if an action thereon is brought on behalf of:

(1) the corporation within the time otherwise limited by law; or

(2) any other person before or within two years after the date of the dissolution or within the time otherwise limited by this subpart or other provision of law, whichever is less. See sections 5987 (relating to proofs of claims), 5993 (relating to acceptance or rejection of matured claims) and 5994 (relating to disposition of unmatured claims).

(b) Rights and assets.--The dissolution of a nonprofit corporation shall not affect the limited liability of a member of the corporation theretofore existing with respect to transactions occurring or acts or omissions done or omitted in the name of or by the corporation except that, subject to subsection (d) and sections 5992(d) (relating to claims barred) and 5993(b) (relating to claims barred), if applicable, each member shall be liable for his pro rata portion of the unpaid liabilities of the corporation up to the amount of the net assets of the corporation distributed to the member in connection with the dissolution. Should any property right of a corporation be discovered after the dissolution of the corporation, the surviving member or members of the board of directors or other body that wound up the affairs of the corporation, or a receiver appointed by the court, shall have authority to enforce the property right and to collect and divide the assets so discovered among the persons entitled thereto and to prosecute actions or proceedings in the corporate name of the corporation. Any assets so collected shall be distributed and disposed of in accordance with the applicable order of court, if any, and otherwise in accordance with this subchapter.

(c) Liability of members.--A member of a dissolved nonprofit corporation, the assets of which were distributed under section 5975(c) (relating to winding up and distribution) or 5997 (relating to payments and distributions), shall not be liable for any claim against the corporation in an amount in excess of the member's pro rata share of the claim or the amount so distributed to the member, whichever is less. The aggregate liability of any member of a dissolved corporation for claims against the dissolved corporation shall not exceed the amount distributed to the member in dissolution.

(d) Limitation of actions.--A member of a dissolved corporation, the assets of which were distributed under section 5975(c) or 5997(a) through (c), shall not be liable for any claim against the corporation on which an action is not commenced prior to the expiration of the period specified in subsection (a)(2).

(e) Conduct of actions.--An action or proceeding may be prosecuted against and defended by a dissolved corporation in its corporate name.

(Dec. 21, 1988, P.L.1444, No.177, eff. Oct. 1, 1989; Dec. 19, 1990, P.L.834, No.198, eff. imd.; Dec. 18, 1992, P.L.1333, No.169, eff. 60 days; July 9, 2013, P.L.476, No.67, eff. 60 days)

2013 Amendment. Act 67 amended subsec. (a) and added subsec. (e).

1992 Amendment. Act 169 amended subsec. (b) and added subsecs. (c) and (d).

1990 Amendment. Act 198 reenacted and amended the entire section.

Cross References. Section 5979 is referred to in sections 5987, 5993, 5994, 5995 of this title.

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