15 Pennsylvania Consolidated Statutes § 8974 - Distribution Of Assets Upon Dissolution

§ 8974. Distribution of assets upon dissolution.

(a) General rule.--In settling accounts after dissolution, the liabilities of the limited liability company shall be entitled to payment in the following order:

(1) Those to creditors, including members or managers who are creditors, in the order of priority as provided by law, in satisfaction of the liabilities of the company, whether by payment or the making of reasonable provision for payment thereof, other than liabilities for distributions to members under section 8932 (relating to distributions and allocation of profits and losses) or 8933 (relating to distributions upon an event of dissociation).

(2) Unless otherwise provided in the operating agreement, to members and former members in satisfaction of liabilities for distributions under section 8932 or 8933.

(3) Unless otherwise provided in the operating agreement, to members in respect of:

(i) Their contributions to capital.

(ii) Their share of the profits and other compensation by way of income on their contributions.

(b) Provision for claims.--A company that has dissolved shall pay or make reasonable provision to pay all claims and obligations, including all contingent, conditional or unmatured claims and obligations, known to the company and all claims and obligations that are known to the company but for which the identity of the claimant is unknown. If there are sufficient assets, such claims and obligations shall be paid in full, and any such provision for payment made shall be made in full. If there are insufficient assets, such claims and obligations shall be paid or provided for according to their priority and, among claims and obligations of equal priority, ratably to the extent of assets available therefor. Unless otherwise provided in the operating agreement, any remaining assets shall be distributed as provided in this chapter. Any liquidating trustee winding up the affairs of a company who has complied with this section shall not be personally liable to the claimants of the dissolved company by reason of his actions in winding up the company.

(June 22, 2001, P.L.418, No.34, eff. 60 days)

2001 Amendment. Act 34 amended subsec. (a).

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