15 Pennsylvania Consolidated Statutes Chapter 3 - Entity Transactions

Subchapter A.  Preliminary Provisions

Subchapter B.  Approval of Entity Transactions

Subchapter C.  Merger

  • Section 331 - Merger Authorized
    (a) General rule.--Except as provided in section 318 (relating to excluded entities and transactions) or this section, by complying with this chapter: (1) One...
  • Section 332 - Plan Of Merger
    (a) General rule.--A domestic entity may become a party to a merger by approving a plan of merger. The plan shall be in record...
  • Section 333 - Approval Of Merger
    (a) Approval by domestic entities.--A plan of merger shall not be effective unless it has been approved in both of the following ways: (1)...
  • Section 334 - Amendment Or Abandonment Of Plan Of Merger
    (a) General rule.--A plan of merger may be amended or abandoned only with the consent of each party to the plan, except as otherwise...
  • Section 335 - Statement Of Merger; Effectiveness
    (a) General rule.--A statement of merger shall be signed by each merging association and delivered to the department for filing along with the certificates,...
  • Section 336 - Effect Of Merger
    (a) General rule.--When a merger under this subchapter becomes effective, all of the following apply: (1) The surviving association continues or comes into existence....

Subchapter D.  Interest Exchange

Subchapter E.  Conversion

Subchapter F.  Division

Subchapter G.  Domestication

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