20 Pennsylvania Consolidated Statutes § 786 - Procedure On Execution On Real Estate

§ 786. Procedure on execution on real estate.

(a) Filing.--The prothonotary of any court of common pleas shall, on demand of the fiduciary or of any party in interest, file and docket a certified transcript or extract from the record showing that an orphans' court division has adjudged an amount to be due by any person, and such transcripts or extract shall constitute a judgment of the court against such person from the time of its filing with the same effect as if it had been obtained in an action in the division of the court having jurisdiction over actions at law. If the amount adjudged to be due shall be increased or decreased on appeal, the prothonotary shall, if the decree of the appellate court is certified to him, change his records accordingly, and if the appellate court has increased the amount, the excess shall constitute a judgment from the time when the records are so changed.

(b) Satisfaction and discharge.--If the orphans' court division shall order such person to be relieved from any such judgment, the prothonotary shall, on demand of any party in interest, enter on his records a certified copy of such order, which shall operate as a satisfaction of the judgment.

(c) Executions.--Execution may be issued on the judgment out of the court against the real estate of such respondent by any interested party for the recovery of so much as may be due to him, in the same manner as upon any other judgment rendered by the court.

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Last modified: October 8, 2016