20 Pennsylvania Consolidated Statutes Chapter 31 - Dispositions Independent Of Letters; Family Exemption; Probate Of Wills And Grant Of Letters

Subchapter A.  Dispositions Independent of Letters

Subchapter B.  Family Exemption

  • Section 3121 - When Allowable
    The spouse of any decedent dying domiciled in the Commonwealth, and if there be no spouse, or if he has forfeited his rights, then...
  • Section 3122 - Payment Or Delivery Of Exemption
    (a) Items claimed.--The personal representative, if any, shall deliver to the spouse, child or children, parent or parents, the items of personal property claimed...
  • Section 3123 - Payment From Real Estate
    (a) Appraisement.--If the exemption is claimed in whole or in part out of real estate, the appraisement of the real estate shall be made...
  • Section 3124 - Income
    When the family exemption does not exhaust the entire real and personal estate, the income of the estate shall be equitably prorated among the...
  • Section 3125 - Other Remedies
    The surviving spouse, child or children, parent or parents may also collect the exemption out of real and personal estate, together with income thereon,...
  • Section 3126 - Grantee Or Lienholder
    (a) Rights accruing before death; purchase money obligation.--Nothing in Subchapter A of this chapter (relating to dispositions independent of letters) and this subchapter shall...

Subchapter C.  Probate

Subchapter D.  Grant of Letters

Subchapter E.  Personal Representative; Bond

Subchapter F.  Personal Representative; Revocation of Letters; Removal and Discharge

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