40 Pennsylvania Consolidated Statutes Appendix To Title



Supplementary Provisions of Amendatory Statutes

1975, AUGUST 2, P.L.293, NO.94

§ 2. Applicability.

The procedures established by this act shall apply to:

(1) any termination of contracts between hospital plan corporations and hospitals hereafter occurring; and

(2) any contracts between hospital plan corporations and hospitals under which subscribers received prepaid benefits on or after June 30, 1974 if such hospital plan corporations and hospitals were governed by contracts subject to 40 Pa.C.S. Chap. 61 (relating to hospital plan corporations) or corresponding provisions of law on June 30, 1964 and substantially continuously thereafter to and including June 30, 1974. Such contracts, if terminated, shall be reinstated as of their original termination and may be terminated hereafter only pursuant to the provisions of this act.

Explanatory Note. Act 94 added section 6124(c) of Title 40.

§ 3. Effective date and retroactivity.

This act shall take effect immediately and shall be retroactive to the extent provided in section 2 of this act.

Last modified: October 8, 2016