42 Pennsylvania Consolidated Statutes § 4122 - Assignment Of Magisterial District Judges

§ 4122. Assignment of magisterial district judges.

(a) General rule.--Subject to general rules any magisterial district judge may be temporarily assigned to any other magisterial district or the Pittsburgh Magistrates Court or the Traffic Court of Philadelphia, and may there hear and determine any matter with like effect as if duly commissioned to sit in such other district or in such court.

(b) Senior magisterial district judges.--A senior magisterial district judge who shall not have been defeated for reelection or been suspended or removed from office may, with the senior magisterial district judge's consent, be assigned on temporary magisterial service pursuant to subsection (a). A senior magisterial district judge shall be paid a per diem salary at the same annual rate as is applicable in the district where the senior magisterial district judge is temporarily assigned and shall receive expenses at the same per diem rate as other magisterial district judges temporarily assigned.

(c) Additional compensation.--A magisterial district judge, assigned by the president judge of the court of common pleas to perform additional duties for a district other than the one in which the magisterial district judge is elected, shall be entitled to receive additional compensation of $20 per day when the magisterial district judge performs assigned duties, except that no additional compensation shall be allowed for routine duties scheduled by the president judge of the court of common pleas. Any assignment, compensable under this subsection, for which the per diem exceeds $100 a calendar month shall be approved by the Court Administrator of Pennsylvania.

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2004 Amendment. See section 29 of Act 207 in the appendix to this title for special provisions relating to construction of law.

Cross References. Section 4122 is referred to in sections 102, 4121 of this title

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