42 Pennsylvania Consolidated Statutes § 6608 - Payment Of Damage Award Or Settlement

§ 6608. Payment of damage award or settlement.

Monetary damages awarded to a prisoner in connection with prison conditions litigation or paid in settlement of prison conditions litigation which is payable from funds appropriated by the General Assembly or by a political subdivision or an insurance policy purchased by the Commonwealth or political subdivision shall first be used to satisfy any outstanding court orders requiring the prisoner to pay restitution, costs, bail, judgments, fines, fees, sanctions or other court-imposed amounts in connection with a criminal prosecution or sentence. Upon receipt of a copy of an outstanding court order, the government party or person designated by the government party shall deduct the full amount owed from the remaining moneys and arrange to pay it directly to the person or entity owed in accordance with Pennsylvania law. Where the amount of outstanding court orders exceeds the monetary damage award or settlement, the government party shall notify the parties owed of the intended distribution of the amounts. Any person or entity owed who objects to the proposed distribution may seek a court order compelling a different distribution. Any remainder of a monetary damage award shall be used to satisfy any amount owed to a government party, including a judgment or any other costs and fees assessed against or imposed upon the prisoner, including, but not limited to, costs for medical services, incarceration and destruction of property. The procedures for such assessment shall be set forth by the prison in written policy and procedure. Notice that all or part of a monetary damage award has been expended pursuant to this section shall be provided to the prisoner by certified mail or personal service. The fact that a prisoner's monetary damage award may be subject to this section may not be taken into consideration in calculating the amount of any monetary damage award.

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Last modified: October 8, 2016