42 Pennsylvania Consolidated Statutes § 763 - Direct Appeals From Government Agencies

§ 763. Direct appeals from government agencies.

(a) General rule.--Except as provided in subsection (c), the Commonwealth Court shall have exclusive jurisdiction of appeals from final orders of government agencies in the following cases:

(1) All appeals from Commonwealth agencies under Subchapter A of Chapter 7 of Title 2 (relating to judicial review of Commonwealth agency action) or otherwise and including appeals from the Board of Claims, the Environmental Hearing Board, the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission, the Unemployment Compensation Board of Review and from any other Commonwealth agency having Statewide jurisdiction.

(2) All appeals jurisdiction of which is vested in the Commonwealth Court by any statute hereafter enacted.

(b) Awards of arbitrators.--The Commonwealth Court shall have exclusive jurisdiction of all petitions for review of an award of arbitrators appointed in conformity with statute to arbitrate a dispute between the Commonwealth and an employee of the Commonwealth. The petition for review shall be deemed an appeal from a government unit for the purposes of section 723 (relating to appeals from Commonwealth Court) and Chapter 55 (relating to limitation of time).

(c) Exceptions.--The Commonwealth Court shall not have jurisdiction of such classes of appeals from government agencies as are:

(1) By section 725 (relating to direct appeals from constitutional and judicial agencies) within the exclusive jurisdiction of the Supreme Court.

(2) By section 933 (relating to appeals from government agencies) within the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of common pleas.

(Apr. 28, 1978, P.L.202, No.53, eff. 60 days; May 15, 1998, P.L.358, No.57, eff. 180 days)

1998 Amendment. Act 57 amended subsec. (a).

Cross References. Section 763 is referred to in section 1204 of Title 4 (Amusements); section 8533.1 of Title 24 (Education); section 8157 of Title 35 (Health and Safety); section 2309 of Title 58 (Oil and Gas); sections 531, 1725 of Title 62 (Procurement); section 5953.1 of Title 71 (State Government); sections 1553, 1554 of Title 75 (Vehicles).

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