42 Pennsylvania Consolidated Statutes Chapter 13 - Traffic Courts

Subchapter A.  General Provisions

  • Section 1301 - Seats Of Traffic Courts
    The regular sessions of a traffic court shall be held at such locations within the political subdivision for which the court is established as...
  • Section 1302 - Jurisdiction And Venue
    (a) General rule.--Except as set forth in subsection (a.1) or as otherwise prescribed by any general rule adopted pursuant to section 503 (relating to...
  • Section 1303 - Signatures And Dockets
    Facsimile signatures of traffic court judges may be used for all purposes in lieu of their original signatures, except on affidavits for warrants of...

Subchapter B.  Traffic Court of Philadelphia

Subchapter C.  Traffic Court of Pittsburgh

Subchapter D.  Optional Traffic Courts

Last modified: October 8, 2016