53 Pennsylvania Consolidated Statutes Chapter 29 - General Provisions

Subchapter A.  Preliminary Provisions

  • Section 2901 - Short Title And Scope Of Subpart
    (a) Short title of subpart.--This subpart shall be known and may be cited as the Home Rule Charter and Optional Plans Law. (b) Scope...
  • Section 2902 - Definitions
    Subject to additional definitions contained in subsequent provisions of this subpart which are applicable to specific provisions of this subpart, the following words and...

Subchapter B.  Procedure for Adoption of Home Rule Charter or Optional Plan of Government

Subchapter C.  Amendment of Existing Charter or Optional Plan

Subchapter D.  Conduct of Election

Subchapter E.  General Powers and Limitations of Home Rule Charter Municipalities

Subchapter F.  General Provisions and Limitations for Optional Plan Municipalities

Subchapter G.  Miscellaneous Provisions

Last modified: October 8, 2016