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          stating that he is not a taxpayer and is not engaged in a                   
          "revenue taxable activity".                                                 
          As indicated, respondent filed a Motion for Summary Judgment                
          on May 22, 1995.  By Order dated May 24, 1995, this matter was              
          set for hearing in Washington, D.C. on July 12, 1995.  On June 2,           
          1995, petitioner filed an Opposition to Summary Judgment, stating           
          that he filed his amended petition after being misled and                   
          defrauded by a tax protester identified as Fred Class.                      
          Petitioner's opposition included a request that respondent's                
          Motion for Summary Judgment be denied and that petitioner be                
          given the opportunity to file a petition stating a claim for                
               This case was called for hearing in Washington, D.C., on               
          July 12, 1995.  Counsel for respondent appeared at the hearing              
          and presented argument in support of the pending motion.                    
          Petitioner did not appear at the hearing.  Nevertheless, in light           
          of the statements made by petitioner in his opposition to                   
          respondent's motion, the Court decided to give petitioner a                 
          further opportunity to file a proper amended petition.  In this             
          regard, petitioner was directed by Order dated July 12, 1995, to            
          file a proper second amended petition by August 14, 1995.  The              
          Order further indicated that, upon failure of petitioner to                 
          comply therewith, the Court would be inclined to grant                      
          respondent's Motion for Summary Judgment, enter a decision                  

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