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               Petitioner, Christine C. Deignan, resided in Davenport,                
          Iowa, at the time the petition in this case was filed.  She                 
          became licensed as a physician in 1977, and, since then has                 
          engaged in the solo practice of internal medicine.                          
               In 1977, petitioner married Paul Deignan.  The couple                  
          purchased a residential lot in Davenport, Iowa, at 2801 East 42nd           
          Street in 1984 on which they planned to construct a personal                
          residence.  They began construction in 1987.  However, on October           
          9, 1987, before completion of the house, petitioner filed a                 
          Petition for Dissolution of Marriage in the Iowa District Court             
          for Scott County.  At that time, she stopped contributing                   
          financially to the construction project.                                    
               On February 19, 1988, Paul Deignan filed a Motion to                   
          Preserve Assets.  Lacking sufficient funds to complete the                  
          project himself, he sought an order "requiring that the                     
          Petitioner [Christine Deignan] cooperate in expending joint                 
          assets, sufficient to complete the home in the most expeditious             
          manner consistent with good construction practice."                         
               In the divorce decree issued on October 5, 1988, the court             
          ordered petitioner to "complete the home at her expense."  The              
          decree directed that, upon completion of the house, title would             
          be held by petitioner and her ex-husband as tenants in common.              
          The court further directed that the house be sold as soon as                
          completed, with petitioner and her ex-husband splitting the                 
          proceeds of the sale equally.                                               

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