US Tax Court Opinions 1995

Case NameReleased
Hachette USA, Inc., As Successor to Hachette Publications, Inc. and Curtis Circulation Co., Subsidiary9/25/1995
Rolf Kirsch9/25/1995
Estate of Rose D' Ambrosio, Deceased, Vita D'Ambrosio, Executrix9/25/1995
Spyglass Partners, Richard E. Shea, Tax Matters Partner, et al.9/25/1995
Richard Bruce Begelfer9/26/1995
Richard Santulli and Virginia Santulli9/26/1995
Thai V. Pham and Khuy T. Bui9/26/1995
Leroy Walker, Jr. and Carolyn L. Walker9/26/1995
World of Service, Inc.9/26/1995
Robert Lee McWilliams9/26/1995
Louis G. Wittig9/27/1995
Kent Maerki and Kathleen Turner9/27/1995
Leslie R. Barth9/27/1995
Leo N. Levitt and Ruth G. Levitt9/28/1995
Barbara A. Vriner, A.K.A. Barbara A. Coyne9/28/1995
Bruno and Francesca Tabbi9/28/1995
Joseph D. Wilkins and Mary Wilkins10/2/1995
William Santangelo10/2/1995
Joseph Green and Fe Green10/2/1995
Rob R. Olsen10/3/1995
C. Merritt and Dorothy Pumphrey10/3/1995
General K. Hilliard and Ida M. Hilliard10/3/1995
Adnan Al Kaissy10/3/1995
Michael K. Jones10/3/1995
Harold L. and Gladys M. Humberson10/3/1995
John Edward Kerrigan and Joan Marie Kerrigan10/4/1995
Charles P. Dewitt10/4/1995
Oliver Q. Foust and Talietha Foust10/4/1995
Julius and Hanan Dibsy10/4/1995
Daryl A. Norblom10/4/1995
Christine C. Deignan10/4/1995
Edward Lee Renfrow10/4/1995
Maurice H. Sochia and Beatrice M. Sochia10/4/1995
Jerome J. and Beatrice A. Mack10/4/1995
Perry D. McBroom, Deceased, and Jackie S. McBroom10/5/1995
Betty J. Shackelford10/5/1995
Carl Dimichele and Eileen Dimichele10/10/1995
Mark R. and Diane R. Webb10/10/1995
Jack R. Prewitt and Shelley Prewitt10/10/1995
Robert H. Avellini10/10/1995
Sylvia Osterbauer and Estate of Joseph Osterbauer, Deceased, Sylvia Osterbauer, Personal Representative10/10/1995
Glen L. Wittstadt, Jr. and Lynne M. Wittstadt10/11/1995
Peter R. Little10/11/1995
William H. Adair and Patricia Adair10/12/1995
Foretravel, Inc.10/12/1995
Reynolds Metals Company and Consolidated Subsidiaries10/16/1995
Ohio Periodical Distributors, Inc., f.k.a. Scott Krauss News Agency, Inc., Ronald E. Scherer Trust and Linda S. Hayner Trust, Persons Other Than the Tax Matters Person10/16/1995
Tashina Baker10/16/1995
Andrew and Margita Zards et al.10/16/1995
Harbor Bancorp & Subsidiaries10/16/1995
James E. Copley and Cynthia R. Copley10/17/1995
Duane B. and Linda L. Erwin, et al.10/17/1995
Epco, Inc. and Subsidiaries10/17/1995
Deborah Lynn Israel10/17/1995
Thomas N. Rawlins10/18/1995
Mary C. McDonald10/23/1995
Michael T. Shane10/23/1995
Thor Energy Resources and Subsidiaries10/23/1995
Stanley B. and Rose M. Whitten10/25/1995
Michael K. Wolfe and Rosemarie E. Wolfe10/25/1995
William C. and Elaine Gaskins10/26/1995
Jay M. Anderson and Helen B. Anderson10/26/1995
James K. Wise and Claudia R. Wise10/26/1995
Henry Deletis, Jr.10/26/1995
Kristine A. Cluck10/30/1995
John B. Mathers, Sr.10/30/1995
Thomas L. Hobart10/30/1995
Donald Ferry and Sharon Ferry10/30/1995
Leonard L. Leighton and Joyce S. Leighton10/30/1995
Sherman J. Miller and Alice K. Miller10/30/1995
James L. Ball10/31/1995
Bruce Selig and Elaine Selig10/31/1995
Harry D. Bledsoe and Annie L. Bledsoe10/31/1995
Douglas V. and Magdalene Merante11/1/1995
Estate of Mark R. Woodward, Deceased, Lillian H. Woodward, Executrix, and Lillian H. Woodward11/6/1995
Doyle A. King11/6/1995
Northern Indiana Public Service Company11/6/1995
David C. Wilson11/6/1995
Barbara Kahn-Langer11/7/1995
Greta Ann Clifton11/7/1995
Joseph E. Machado11/7/1995
Thomas D. Stricker11/8/1995
Joseph T. Walker and Nancy Walker11/8/1995
Walter R. Ripley, Donee-Transferee of Mildred M. Ripley, Donor, and Melynda H. Ripley, Donee-Transferee of Mildred M. Ripley, Donor11/8/1995
Albert R. and Phyllis F. Dworkin11/9/1995
Robert G. Honts11/9/1995
Anthony Teong-Chan Gaw as Transferee of Radcliffe Investment LTD.11/9/1995
Yarbrough Oldsmobile Cadillac, Inc.11/13/1995
BOCA Construction, Inc.11/13/1995
Henry Allen Waters11/13/1995
Evert E. and Eva F. Berglund11/13/1995
S. Victoria Wells11/13/1995
Scott R. Philips11/14/1995
Guy Schoenecker, Inc., Business Incentives, Inc., and Carousel By Guy, Inc.11/14/1995
Harvey M. Pert, Transferee11/15/1995
Bruce P. Cadwell11/15/1995
Gregory Alberico11/16/1995
George Georgiou and Judith Georgiou A.K.A. Judy Georgiou, et al.11/16/1995
Leonard O. Scales11/16/1995
Anthony and Linda Walters11/16/1995
Estate of Doris L. Rickman, Deceased, Doris K. Rickman, Executrix11/16/1995
John P. Crowley and Elizabeth R. Cockrell11/20/1995
David Bruce McMahan11/20/1995
Beaver Bolt Inc.11/20/1995
William David and Judith A. Jamieson11/20/1995
Michael J. Fitzpatrick11/20/1995
Gary M. and Trudy J. Weichlein11/21/1995
Edward J. Richardson11/21/1995
Windsor Production Corporation11/21/1995
Lakewood Associates, Robert G. Moore, Tax Matters Partner11/21/1995
Ertan and Susan Eren11/21/1995
James O. Henderson11/27/1995
Thomas B. McCarthy, Jr. and Janice R. McCarthy11/27/1995
Joseph J. James11/27/1995
Estate of Donald H. Ray, Deceased, Patricia G. Ray, Independent Executrix, and Patricia G. Ray11/27/1995
John S. Black11/27/1995
Miguel Pagan, Jr. and Martha C. Pagan11/27/1995
Deer Park Country Club11/28/1995
David Carkhuff and Tonja Carkhuff11/28/1995
Robin F. and Anne F. Jenkins11/28/1995
Henry P. and Darlene C. Brantley11/28/1995
Marcia Tyrrell11/28/1995
Wayne and June Ellen Hairston11/28/1995
Walter Van Eck and Friedgard Van Eck11/29/1995
Lee Mizell and Pearlene Mizell11/29/1995
Gabriel Gutierrez and Connie Gutierrez11/29/1995
Don C. Reser and Rebecca Jo Reser11/29/1995
John M. Cameron and Caroline D. Cameron, and John P. and Teena G. Broadaway11/29/1995
Steven H. Toushin11/30/1995
Philip H. and Anna Friedman12/4/1995
Angela Matthews12/4/1995
Winthrop B. and Sally L. Orgera12/4/1995
Bernard Michael Reed12/4/1995
Rahim A. and Lisa R. Munshi12/5/1995
James T. and Goldie L. Ryan12/5/1995
Anthony J. and Claire L. Pace12/6/1995
Bruce M. Crow12/6/1995
Harold T. and Christine B. Couch12/6/1995
C. Richard Roose, Jr. and Betty B. Roose12/6/1995
Paul L. and Doris J. Triemstra, et al.12/6/1995
Leon and Belle Atkind12/6/1995
Chan Q. Kieu and Quynh Kieu12/7/1995
Hughes A. and Marilyn B. Bagley12/11/1995
William D. Colburn12/12/1995
Maria D. Lerma12/12/1995
Esmat A. and Sylvia G. Zaklama12/12/1995
Freres Lumber Co., Inc.12/13/1995
Spencer M. and Suzanne J. Stillman12/13/1995
James A. Petrie IV12/13/1995
Estate of Golda E. Rixon Kokernot, Deceased, Mary Ann K. Lacy, Executrix12/13/1995
David Rendel and Rachel Rendel12/14/1995
Anclote Psychiatric Center, Inc.12/14/1995
Steven M. and Michele E. Grow12/14/1995
Association Cable TV, Incorporated12/18/1995
Rhett B. and Sandra L. Ross12/19/1995
Lucky Stores, Inc. and Subsidiaries12/19/1995
Richard Soo Kim and Donna Kim12/19/1995
John U. Fazi and Sylvia Fazi12/19/1995
Chong-Kak and Sang-Ok Lee12/19/1995
Tracy P. Streber, F.K.A. Tracy C. Parker, et al.12/20/1995
Norwest Corporation and Subsidiaries12/20/1995
Victoria and Denis M. Lyszkowski12/21/1995
Alan E. and Harriet R. Lewis12/26/1995
United Circuits, Inc.12/26/1995
Bernard F. Kochevar, Sr. and Marlene C. Kochevar12/26/1995
Raymond N. Rosenthal and Peggy S. Rosenthal12/26/1995
Liquid Air Corporation and Subsidiaries12/26/1995
John J. Burke and Vivian Burke12/26/1995
Eric Wynn12/27/1995
Ellwest Stereo Theatres of Memphis, Inc., et al.12/27/1995

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